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Dress Code

Yoga and Religion

Dress Code

  1. What should I wear to a yoga class?

    Wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for exercise. Socks are not worn to prevent slipping. Form fitting clothing such as leggings are preferable to help students get into the postures more easily. A jumper to wear over your top may also be useful for added warmth and comfort during final relaxation.

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  1. Can I eat a meal before class?

    A general guideline is not to have meals at least 2 hours before practice. If you must eat, eat a small or light snack.

  2. What do I need to bring to class?

    Yoga mats are provided. But if you have your own yoga mat and props, you are more than welcome to bring them.

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Pre-existing Injury or Condition

  1. What if I have an injury or condition?

    If you have an injury or a condition that may affect your ability to do the different physical postures, make sure you let the teacher know before the class begins or call the teacher in advance to discuss your situation. It’s also highly advisable that you get the go ahead from your GP or doctor before you start taking yoga classes. In most cases, the teacher is able to modify the poses to suit your needs. In some cases, it’s better to start with private yoga lessons, so that the teacher can assess your ability and specifically address your needs.

  2. What if I am pregnant - Can I still take a yoga class?

    The best way to do yoga during pregnancy is in a specifically designed ‘pregnancy’ yoga class. If you cannot find a specific class, talk to the teacher ahead of the class to make sure it would be a suitable class for you to attend. Note: This is not intended as medical advice - you should always consult a medical doctor in regards to your personal health and potential risks.

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Yoga and Religion

  1. Will yoga conflict with my religion?

    No. Yoga is a personal practice that calls for a more conscious and enlightened way of living. The different yoga practices can enhance and support your connection to your own religious or spiritual beliefs.

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I Heart My Yogi

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